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Dec 162016

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can get overwhelming: shopping for gifts, decorating the house, gearing up for holiday parties, and so on. Sometimes it can be so sweet to just take a trip for the weekend and get away from the daily routine. We recently visited Princeton with the kids and checked out the Extended Stay America hotel! Today, I will be sharing some tips on traveling with kids!

Tips for Traveling with Kids & Our Trip to Princeton

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Tips for Traveling with Kids

1. Pack light: When it comes to traveling with young kids, nothing is more frustrating than having to go through three suitcases to find that one stuffed animal that your three-year-old wants. That’s why when we go away – whether it’s for one night or one week – I try to pack efficiently. That means we only bring the items that we know we will need!

2. Make stops along the way: If the trip involves spending a decent amount of time in the car, be sure to make some stops along the route. Get out at least once per hour to let everyone use the restroom & and stretch their legs. Little kids can get quite restless sitting in a car for long periods of time, so these stops are so important to keep everyone comfortable and content.

3. Stop at kid-oriented attractions: It may be tempting to spend the day shopping at the outlets or to go suntanning on the beach for hours, but when traveling with kids, consider their needs & interests first. Whenever we are visiting a new town, we like to stop at a kid’s play place to keep the kids entertained. Examples include an indoor amusement park, an arcade, a playground, etc. In this way, the kids are more likely to be willing to do other stuff – like shopping at those outlets – after they’ve burned off some energy running around.

4. Bring snacks for the car: Driving in the car can definitely get monotonous. That’s why I always bring plenty of snacks and drinks in the car for the kids. I usually stick to non-perishable snacks, like dried fruits, nuts, crackers, and pretzels. I also bring bottles of water or diluted juice.

5. Stay at a comfortable hotel: When it comes to accommodations on vacation, we always look for a hotel with plenty of amenities. We recently had the pleasure of visiting the Extended Stay America location in Princeton, NJ.

Tips for Travel with Kids

Tips for Travel with Kids

Our room was large, clean and comfortable. Each room has free Wi-Fi, so I was able to easily get some work done during my time there. As a blogger, I really value free Wi-Fi! 😉
Tips for Travel with Kids

Tips for Travel with Kids

What really makes this hotel chain unique is that each room includes a fully-equipped kitchen! Yes, each room features a refrigerator, microwave, stove top and sink. There was even enough counter top space to prepare meals!
Tips for Travel with Kids

Tips for Travel with Kids

In fact, during our stay, I whipped together a quick chicken noodle soup for my daughter, who wasn’t feeling well. I love that this hotel offers guests the ability to prepare meals conveniently from their rooms.
Tips for Travel with Kids

Tips for Travel with Kids

When traveling, spending money at restaurants can get quite costly. Being able to prepare meals from the hotel room is a fabulous way to save some money. We even kept some milk in the refrigerator so we could make some cereal & milk for breakfast or a snack!
Tips for Travel with Kids

Tips for Travel with Kids

The hotel also features a free grab-and-go breakfast, flat screen TVs in all rooms, and modern updated bathrooms. We really enjoyed our time at this hotel and hope to head back soon!
Tips for Travel with Kids

Tips for Travel with Kids

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What are your tips for traveling with kids? Have you ever stayed at an Extended Stay America hotel? Would you love the convenience of a full-service kitchen in your hotel room?

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19 Responses to “Tips for Traveling with Kids & Our Trip to Princeton”

  1. Making frequent stops along the way is so important. These are all great tips, especially staying in a comfortable hotel. A good night’s sleep is a must when traveling with kids.

  2. All your tips for traveling with kids is spot on. I always had fun music and games to play along as we travel. Plus we always looked for a place that was comfortable and had a pool. Pool always wore the kids out and they slept like angels.

  3. A comfy hotel is a must on any family trip. You’re on vacation to have a good time and relax. It’s hard to relax in a ratty motel.

  4. Love this! We travel a lot and some of these are tips we regularly use as well. It’s nice that you were able to make your little one chicken soup on the go, I hope she’s feeling better!

  5. That looks like a great hotel to stay at! I agree with these tips, I think snacks are the biggest key to a successful road trip. When in doubt, give kids food 🙂

  6. Looking at colleges are so fun! You’ve got great tips for travelling with young ones!

  7. Bringing snacks is always important when traveling with kids. You don’t want them to be hangry on a long drive.

  8. I have always loved road trips and have had to made some changes since I became a parent. Thanks for some new tricks- pit stops are crucial.

  9. These are awesome, with three grandsons under 3 we look for ideas for them!!

  10. Thanks for all the great tips. Good to know.
    Season Greetings!

  11. Thanks for sharing these useful tips! I love traveling with my kids and we usually opt in for hotel with free wifi 🙂

  12. These are great tips for traveling with kids. It is nice to just get away from everything with the family for a weekend sometimes. It is important to make stops on the way and to have snacks for while on the road. This hotel looks amazing and I love the kitchen in the room. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  13. I just love your trip tips. It’s not easy when traveling with the kids so having a comfortable place for them to stay is important to me as well.

  14. These are definitely must need things! I’ve found if we get a good hotel room, the kids do so much better.

  15. I love hotels with mini fridges. With two toddlers milk is a necessity when traveling, but it can get prices buying the single serve ones.

  16. I don’t have kids so I don’t travel with them but these are all great tips! In fact, I always look for hotels rooms with a kitchen because you’re right, eating out can get expensive!

  17. These are great tips. I have four kids and traveling with them can sometimes be crazy. Princeton looks like a fun place to visit.

  18. I love staying on an extended hotel like this. We haven’t tried America though.

  19. Bringing snacks and making sure the kids are comfortable in the car is so important. Things that will entertain them like ipads is a must too!

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