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May 022016

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After becoming a mom, I quickly realized that doing laundry will become an everyday chore around my house. Between messy meals, baby spit-up and potty accidents, washing my kids’ clothing is a never-ending activity. However, when it comes to the best laundry detergent that’s effective on stains yet gentle on baby’s skin, nothing compares to Dreft! I love that it’s completely hypoallergenic and very gentle on baby’s skin! #DreftSpring is something I’m recommending to all my mommy friends!

Protecting Baby's Skin During Allergy Season

Protecting Baby’s Skin During Allergy Season

Since the weather has warmed up around here recently, we have been spending more and more time outdoors. My daughters can spend all day outside. Whether they’re playing in their swing set, building castles in the sandbox, or simply running around collecting leaves, they truly love being outside. For me, that means even more laundry to clean. Between dirt stains, grass stains, and other messes, laundry piles up around here very quickly. Since my younger daughter has always been sensitive to environmental allergens, I prefer to use Dreft on her clothing. It smells great and keeps her skin protected!
Protecting Baby's Skin During Allergy Season

Protecting Baby’s Skin During Allergy Season

Are you looking for ways to protect baby’s skin during allergy season? Here are some tips to help you get through Spring & Summer!

Tips for Protecting Baby’s Skin During Allergy Season

1. Keep bath time short. If baby is over-exposed to water, it can actually dry out her skin and remove the natural moisture. Only 10 minutes of warm water with a mild cleanser is enough to cleanse baby and keep her skin in top shape.
2. Keep baby hydrated. As baby spends more time outdoors playing in the sun, dehydration is a real risk. Focus on increasing fluids (breastmilk, formula, water, etc.) to ensure baby stays well hydrated.
3. Protect the skin. Avoid going outside with baby when the sun exposure is at its highest (between 10a – 4pm). This will help prevent flareups of skin conditions like eczema.
4. Use sunscreen. As long as baby is older than 6 months, liberally apply sunscreen to baby’s skin and re-apply as directed. This will help keep baby’s skin protected from the harsh rays of the sun.
5. Use a gentle, hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Dreft is a top choice by many pediatricians for its effective cleaning power and hypoallergenic nature.

There are different varieties of Dreft that are designed for different stages of babyhood. Dreft Stage 1: Newborn is specially formulated for the needs of a newborn and is very gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby is also gentle on baby’s skin but can combat messy food stains & various outdoor messes. Dreft Blissfuls offers a lovely long-lasting scent that lasts for a long time. This scent is still designed not to irritate baby’s sensitive skin.

Did you know that Dreft is the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians throughout the country? For over 80 years, Dreft has been effectively cleaning the clothing of children everywhere.

Protecting Baby's Skin During Allergy Season

Protecting Baby’s Skin During Allergy Season

Recently, Dreft joined forces with Dr. Dyan Hes (@gramercypeds). She is a respected pediatrician and mom. She will be sharing her expert tips to make sure that baby is comfortable and safe during Spring during an upcoming Twitter party! Be sure to join @Dreft on May 9th from 9-10pm EST. RSVP for the Twitter party here!

To stay up-to-date on the latest news & promotions from Dreft, please visit them on Facebook & Twitter.

Now, it’s giveaway time! Dreft is hosting a giveaway for a Dreft Hypoallergenic Package (ARV $60)! It includes Dreft products (Newborn, Active Baby, & Blissfuls), as well as a gorgeous gender-neutral hypoallergenic blanket! Here’s a picture of everything you will receive!

Protecting Baby's Skin During Allergy Season

Protecting Baby’s Skin During Allergy Season

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Now, learn more about what makes Dreft unique and tell me: Have you ever used Dreft? How do you prepare for allergy season? Is laundry a never-ending chore in your house, too?

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32 Responses to “Protecting Baby’s Skin During Allergy Season”

  1. I always used Dreft when my boys were babies. I was happy with how soft and fresh smelling it made their clothes.

  2. My kids are all grown now, but I always used Dreft when they were babies/toddlers. It’s great seeing how Dreft has grown and offers more great products. I always relied on Dreft. It’s certainly a name you can trust. Now I’m having such great memories of my kids when they were babies. 🙂

  3. We have to use Dreft on Abby because of all of her skin allergies. Before her, I had to use it on Brad as well for the same reason.

  4. I love draft. such great stuff. luckily non of my kiddos suffer from allergies, at least not as of yet but I use it because its some great stuff.

  5. I do not have any kids but I can see how Dreft would be a great option to protect them during allergy season. Allergies can be difficult to deal with even as an adult, so anything that can help during that season is amazing.

  6. Allergy season is the worst! It is even harder when a child is suffering but you aren’t sure how to help. Dreft sounds like a fantastic brand to try to help curb the symptoms of allergy season!

  7. I have always used Dreft on my childrens clothes. It is such a great product and doesn’t irritate my children’s sensitive skin.

  8. Protecting your Baby’s Skin During Allergy Season is always a must. I don’t have kids but I do have sensitive skin and since it’s starting to get warmer here and the sun is out longer, I definitely need to step my skin care up <3

  9. Urghhh, the laundry! My number one worst ever job as a Mum because it doesn’t bloody end! This sounds like a great brand but I haven’t seen it here in the UK.

  10. These are really good tips. My kids were sensitive to certain detergents so we had to use safe brands like Dreft.

  11. I use Dreft for my 7 month old. To protect a baby from allergies, use unscented wipes.

  12. Oh wow this is great too know! Allergies are a tough beast to tackle. Happy to know there are options for babies as well.

  13. My babies were both Dreft babies. I still love that smell plus I love that it is a safe brand for precious little ones.

  14. Yes, I love the smell of Dreft on my baby’s clothes. My best tip is to protect baby’s skin from cold on chilly days and use sunscreen and sunhat when it is sunny.

  15. I love dreft. My kids are 5 and have reallt bad allergies so we actually still use dreft. The only detergent that doesn’t irritate them.

  16. My husband and I both have sensitive skin but we have yet to try dreft. Thanks for the chance to win – fingers crossed!

  17. Yeah, doing laundry for children isn’t easy. It really gets to be a chore. I used to love to do laundry, but since I had a kid, it is too much. But, the detergent that you have seems great. At least it’s safe for your kids!

  18. We have tried Dreft and really love it. We have not tried the stage 2 or blissfuls yet. Tips for Spring allergies I do not have alot of. I will be reading what everyone else puts!! We do use an air purifier to help!

  19. Dreft is a really great brand. I love that it is safe around babies.

  20. I love Dreft, it makes my kiddos clothes soft and clean.

  21. I am a big fan of DREFT products. The laundry detergent is super awesome, love the quality

  22. I am a big fan of DREFT products. The laundry detergent is super awesome, love the quality

  23. i have not tried dreft in the past. our family didn’t have any problems with allergies before our most recent move. now, we all get seasonal allergies. we’re kind of taking it as it comes and i could use all the tips and info i can get!

  24. I have tried and use Dreft. I love the smell it leaves on my grandchildren’s clothes. My one grandson lives with me and I still sometimes use it even though he is older but now has a new brother/sister coming so we will be buying it again regularly. My best tip for allergy season is keep lots of tissues on hand and allergy medicine for myself and whomever needs it to combat the symptoms we have from our allergies. Saline nose spray works great to keep nose open.

  25. I have never tried Dreft before. I would say during allergy season keep windows closed as much as possible and if you can afford one buy an air purifier.

  26. I only used Dreft. It was the only detergent of trusted. My top is use a air purifier and dust including fans and vents.

  27. I use Dreft weekly, not only for my Granddaughter, but for my polar fleece sheets and jackets.

  28. yes we have used dreft, have to be careful on windy days when allergies are the worst

  29. I have used Dreft and love it. My tip is to keep the windows closed.

  30. yes i have used dreft before..and we keep the windows closed during high pollinated days air purifier and vacuuming daily and dusting…

  31. I have used Dreft <3 and my tip is LOTS of regular vacuuming!!! 🙂

  32. I have used Dreft <3 and my tip is LOTS of regular vacuuming! 🙂

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