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Mar 082016

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 6 Pack Fitness™. However, all opinions expressed are mine alone.

As many of you know, I’m trying to be healthier this year! I’m trying to plan my meals ahead of time and make sure I’m eating balanced, nutritious meals. Sometimes it can be hard to do that when you are running around all day. Fortunately, I have found the perfect way to bring healthy meals along with me. The Renee Meal Management Tote is a perfect solution for keeping my meals fresh all day long!

My Meal Management Bag

My Meal Management Bag

My Meal Management Bag

This sleek tote is perfect for the busy woman who wants to make sure she always has healthy, wholesome meals with her at all times. It’s available in Black, Navy or Stone colors. I love that it looks like a chic, high-end purse! The material feels so luxurious and soft!

My Meal Management Bag

My Meal Management Bag

The bag has a large main compartment with a dedicated laptop section (up to 13″), as well as smaller organizational pockets for accessories. I can easily find all my essentials since this bag offers so many organizational pockets. There are dedicated spots for my wallets, keys, phone and more.
My Meal Management Bag

My Meal Management Bag

The really neat thing about the Renee Tote is that it comes pre-loaded with 4 Sure Seal Containers, 2 Small Gel Packs and a Sports Nutrition Compact. You can access all this by unzipping the compartment at the back of the bag.
My Meal Management Bag

My Meal Management Bag

The bag features an insulated modular core that keeps meals fresh for 8+ hours. The bag holds 4 meals and keeps the food cold for 8+ hours thanks to the included Gel Packs! I was able to pack meals & snacks for my husband & myself during a recent day trip!
My Meal Management Bag

My Meal Management Bag

6 Pack Fitness™ designs bags, luggage and meal management gear for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. There is a wide variety of colors & styles available and the products are designed to keep your meals organized! You can find bags in any style and price point! You can even pick up accessories like water bottles and gel packs, too, from 6 Pack Fitness™. Keep up-to-date with the latest news & promotions from 6 Pack Fitness™ by following them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Now, it’s giveaway time! The generous folks at 6 Pack Fitness™ are giving away one Renee Meal Management Tote (retail value of $169.99) to a lucky reader. Winner must be a resident of the United States. Enter to win below! Good luck!
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Now, learn more about the meal management bags available and tell me: Have you ever tried a 6 Pack Fitness™ Meal Management Bag? How do you try to eat healthy meals throughout the day?

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35 Responses to “My Meal Management Bag”

  1. This is SO cool! It looks just like a regular handbag – love this – what a great way to plan healthy meals!

  2. Wow! How interesting is this. A meal management bag is perfect for when I am working at my mobile office which includes in the park. And it’s cute too!

  3. This bag is genius! I have never seen a meal bag that is so chic! I would love this bag for work.

  4. How cool is that? I bet my daughter would love taking one of those with her on her bodybuilding trips.

  5. I love this bag! Sometimes finding ways to get healthy food to work can be a pain this is a perfect solution.

  6. What a beautiful bag! I would love to get my hands on this bag for the weekends when I am at school. So much easier to eat healthy when you are prepared!

  7. This would be fantastic to win!! I going to compete for my first time in 18 weeks, and it would be soo nice to have this to bring my food to work in!

  8. The meal prep bag will help me out sooo much. Right now I have to carry my lunch box and my purse with my everywhere to keep from eating all the bad food I work around.

  9. I am a grad student and am always on the go. I meal prep whenever I can but my tiny small lunchbox I use now does not fit all my needs 🙁 It would be wonderful to have a chic bag that can hold all of my meals and be professional for my grad students and clinical work. I have always admired their bags and products and always wanted to get one!

  10. I absolutely love this bag. I was on vacation recently with a family who packed their lunch everyday to save money and eat healthy. This bag would have been perfect!

  11. I think this bag would be good for me because throughout the day if I’m running errands or going food shopping I can carry this with me and pack healthy snacks and/or fruit and snack on it rather then going to a fast food place just to get something small and not it being to great for your. I’ve done that sometimes when Ieft the house feeling hungry.

  12. Perfect! Cute and practical!

  13. This bag is great, i have never seen a bag like this. this would be perfect for my granddaughter to take to work

  14. What a nice bag. I’ve never seen one like this before but I could sure use something like it for appointments and going out and about. I need to keep food with me at all times and this would be helpful.

  15. I would LOVE to have this. I’ve been going to the gym religiously, and initially lost weight, but it is hard to lose weight if you are eating chick fil a on the way home. The kids and I are gone for over 12 hours on our longest day, so it is hard for us to eat healthy meals for dinner. I pack fruits and veggies for snacks.

  16. This is like the cutest bag ever, I’m trying to get my fitness house in order. My biggest challenge is my eating.

  17. I’m always rushing around during the work week…I can’t always pack a refrigerated lunch like a salad or a snack like yogurt for the work day because I’m never sure if I’ll be in the office. Now that I’m hosting trivia right after work twice a week and teaching fitness classes on the other three weeknights, this bag would be great to help me travel with healthy homemade meals.

  18. What a cool bag. I like the fact that it looks like a regular handbag and not a lunch tote.

  19. Nice bag and love the idea of following meal plans. I am trying very hard to be consistent in eating healthy. Tools like this can be very helpful.

  20. What a beautiful bag.. This would be perfect to take to work!! Love this bag!!

  21. It makes transporting the food very nice!

  22. Where has this bag been all of my life?

  23. I’m a college student in the Engineering program and a bikini competitor. I have a innovator right now that I take to class, but it’s SO bulky. I would love to have one this sleek!

  24. This meal management tote looks really cool. It’s insulated to keep food warm and it doesn’t look like a food keeper.

  25. This bag is amazing would really help me carry my healthy planned meals while traveling!

  26. T his is great with this I would make my lunches instead 6eat I NG ju k from the corner store

  27. This would help me to make healthier food choices during the day because I would pack the healthy foods & snacks that I need so that I’m not tempted to order out!

  28. I love this design. I could keep healthier snacks to have throughout the day when I am on the go instead of eating junk food

  29. I like how its sleek and not overly bulky

  30. I would be able to pack my healthy snacks or meals so I won’t go to fast food restaurants!

  31. I have a diabetic son and its always important to carry food with us because he has a heart transplant we must take meals to our dr appointments were always there for hours and snacks and meals are great to have on hand Having Celiacs you can’t depend on finding gluten free foods so we always carry our own healthy gf snacks.

  32. I love that this is functional for work and a healthy lifestyle. Organization is my downfall, and things that make it easy are what I need to stay on track!

  33. This is so great! I can make healthy meals ahead of time and all I have to do is worry about hearing them up. Or not, depending on what I make. I won’t be tempted to buy things from the vending machine when I “bored” eat at work, because I’ll have enough space to put healthy snacks too!

  34. It would hold all kinds of healthy snacks and food

  35. I love how stylish it looks, not the traditional lunch bags. Love it!

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