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Sep 052016

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Are you bold? I totally consider myself a bold person! For me, boldness is equivalent to confidence, courageousness and a willingness to take risks. Although it can be quite easy to shy away from the unknown, I try to face everyday challenges with boldness. From banishing fear to creating a structured morning routine with Dunkin’ Dark® coffee, keep reading to see how I lead a bold lifestyle.

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

I have always been committed to good health by making smart food choices and heading to the gym a few times per week. However, I recently had a hip injury that kept me out of the gym for months! It was tough for me to stop exercising at the gym and it totally rattled my confidence early on. Despite this setback, I didn’t let that injury define me! Being bold meant that I would not fear the consequences of a hip injury. It simply meant I would start focusing on other muscle groups, such as my abs and arms. I was able to swim in the pool, so I added that to my regular workout routine.

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Luckily, my hip is on the mend now and starting to get back to normal. I’m hoping to be back to my regular workout routine very soon. It’s important to remember that life sometimes throws us curve balls, but it’s how we deal with adversity that defines us. I’m so proud that I didn’t let my hip injury affect my ability to work out, be happy and conquer my days!

it’s how we deal with adversity that defines us

Here are some other qualities that I think make me a bold person:
1. Fear nothing: We all have fears- that’s a given! However, I really try to not let these fears control my life or dictate my actions. For example, I may have a fear of spiders, but I won’t let that stop me from going out in the yard with my daughters to play in the grass! I may have a fear of heights, but I won’t let that stop me from visiting tall attractions at the amusement park. Even though I have fears, I make sure not to let them affect my everyday decisions. Pushing those fears away is what me bold!

2. Pursue one’s passions: What’s your passion? For me, I absolutely love doing DIY home remodeling projects. There’s nothing that gives me more satisfaction than taking something that’s old & boring and transforming it into something chic & timeless. My list of DIY projects never really ends – once one thing gets crossed off the list, another one (or two) things gets added to the list. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Pursuing my passions gives me the confidence to conquer my day and live a bold life.

3. Persevere through it all: We all face hardships. There is nobody who doesn’t deal with adversity at some point in time. It’s important to stay the course and not shy away. Even when my injured hip kept me out of the gym, I stayed committed to my fitness goals and just focused on upper body strength! It was my way of being bold!

4. Take time to decompress: Everyday life can definitely be busy and hectic at times. That’s why I really love my structured morning routine. I always take time each morning to meditate, plan out my day and drink a cup of Dunkin’ Dark® coffee. Dunkin’ Dark® coffee inspires me to be bold and take risks!

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Dunkin’ Dark® coffee offers a bold, yet super smooth, taste that motivates me to conquer my day! As a long-time coffee lover, I really enjoy the smooth roast of Dunkin’ Dark® coffee – it never has any bitter notes!
Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

I love the convenience of making coffee at home. Rather than driving to the store, dealing with traffic, waiting on lines, etc., I can enjoy my favorite brew from the comfort of home- without ever getting out of my pajamas. That’s something to smile about.
Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Plus, the convenience of the K-Cup® Pods cannot be beat. Within minutes, I can enjoy the bold, rich taste that I love. Since Dunkin’ Dark® coffee is priced comparably to my other favorite Dunkin’ Donuts retail coffee products, I can save so much money over buying my coffee from the store every morning.

Did you know that Dunkin’ Dark® coffee contains 30% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee? The Rainforest Alliance, in partnership with forresters, farmers, and businesses, is an organization that’s committed to conserving natural resources & building healthy communities. Dunkin’ Donuts® and the Rainforest Alliance are hoping to help over 160,000 coffee farmers and to safeguard over 2.3 million acres of land. By purchasing Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee, you can help them reach this goal!

By the way, have you heard about the first female assistant coach in the history of men’s professional basketball? Becky Hammon is bold, adventurous and making history- and she loves Dunkin’ Dark® coffee! Check out her video below to see why Dunkin’ Dark® coffee is inspiring people all over the country to be bold this year!

Beginning in July 2016, Dunkin’ Dark® coffee will be available in grocery stores nationwide in NEW K-Cup® Pods (10-ct or 16-ct) and ground coffee (11-oz. and 18.4-oz bags). Be sure to look for the redesigned packaging on your next trip to the grocery store, and see for yourself how this coffee can help you lead a bold lifestyle!

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Leading a Bold Lifestyle

Now, learn more about how Dunkin’ Dark® coffee is specially #BrewedfortheBold and tell me: Do you love a bold roast that’s free of any bitter notes? How do you live a bold lifestyle? How do you like your coffee?

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19 Responses to “Leading a Bold Lifestyle”

  1. I completely understand about recovering from an injury and I love how you didn’t let the injury define you. My husband loves the Dunkin’ k-Cups and he’ll certainly love the dark roast.

  2. Oooh I wish we have those coffee here!

    I am with you on following the passion part to live boldly, I’m about to do that and I am so excited 😀

  3. I am not a big coffee drinker myself that my husband is and I know Dukin is at the top of that list! I love how an injury didn’t find you and made you stronger. I have a couple health issues and I try hard not to let them defined me.

  4. Swimming is excellent for an all-around great workout. I love coffee today’s that for me is routine.

  5. I drink my coffee black and I prefer Dunkin Donuts. I find that when my husband and I go through things, we come out sronger.

  6. I try to be bold, especially when it comes to my coffee. Since I already buy Dunkin Donuts coffees, I know I’m going to love this bold flavor.

  7. These are definitely bold qualities. I guarantee my guys would love that Dunkin Dark coffee in the morning.

  8. Oh I LOVE to be bold in every way that I can. My coffee is always black – and it has to be Dunkin Donuts!

  9. Loved reading about your bold lifestyle, sounds like such a great way to live. That coffee looks delicious too!

  10. I would surely love the dunkin’ donuts dark coffee. I guess the best way to enjoy life is live it passionately.

  11. I consider my lifestyle quite bold. I hope I am teaching my children to boldly pursue their own path in life. I do love a good cup of bold dark roast coffee and often it is Dunkin Donuts coffee in my pantry.

  12. My lifestyle although I’m not sure bold is pretty good. I will admit though I am not a coffee fan. My husband is the coffee man in our life and he loves dunkin! This is great.

  13. Taking time to decompress is definitely a must for me. And Dunkin’ Dark is my coffee of choice, I start pretty much every day with it!

  14. Ha I just bought a box for myself yesterday! Just had a coffee this morning and Im definitely hooked and buying more. Coffee not only energizes me but its also time I take for myself to read and get ready for the day.

  15. Planning out the day with coffee in the morning is the perfect way to start the day! I love to enjoy the morning quiet…and coffee is essential. 🙂

  16. Decompression is where I struggle the most. I need to find time in my day to make some me time and wind down! I’m pretty good at facing fears though 🙂

  17. Love the tip about taking time to decompress! I totally agree, and coffee is definitely my favorite way to do that too. 🙂

  18. Swimming really is my favorite exercise! And coffee is my favorite way to decompress!

  19. It’s good that you noted that there were no bitter tones. That is my fear with a bolder flavored coffee. I will have to give this a try.

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