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Jun 092016

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Potty training two children has taught me so much! From the essential products needed to make the process successful to tips on keeping the child motivated, I have really learned a lot. Today, I’m excited to share with you some of the essential products that are required for successful potty training. From the right potty seat to Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants, keep reading for a list of the must-have products for successful potty training.

Essential Products for Successful Potty Training

5 Essential Products for Successful Potty Training

5 Essential Products for Successful Potty Training

1. Multiple potty seats: These stand-alone potties are the right size for a young toddler who is learning to use the potty for the first time. Available in a wide variety of colors and familiar characters, a potty is a wonderful motivator for your child to listen to his or her body. Buy a few of them and make sure you have at least on each floor of your home. When nature calls, you don’t want to have to whisk your child across the the house to reach the potty.

2. Step stool: Eventually, the potty seat will be too small for your child and it will be time to start using the regular toilet. A small step stool for your child is vital to allow your child to get up and reach the toilet. It will come in super handy once she masters the whole process and no longer needs you to even come in the room.

3. Flushable wipes: When it comes to cleaning your child after using the potty or toilet, nothing works as well as flushable wipes. They’re convenient and effective! Since they can be flushed down the toilet, they’re a fabulous item to keep in a bag or purse while on-the-go with your potty training toddler!

4. Potty training storybook: To encourage your little one to start using the potty, find a few story books that discuss the process of potty training. It’s even better if you find one that features your child’s favorite characters. Keep reading this book to your child every day until potty training becomes something that’s interesting & exciting to your little one.

5. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants: For over 50 years, Pampers has been the trusted brand of parents everywhere. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants work during the day and night, actually providing up to 12 hours of protection! That’s super convenient and totally necessary! We love how the Pampers Easy Ups Training Pats have a more underwear-like design for young kids. And the stretchy sides make it super easy for the child to pull up and down. Find Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants in sizes 2T-5T at stores where baby care products are sold.
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Now, I’d love to hear from you! What are your essential products for making potty training successful?

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18 Responses to “Essential Products for Successful Potty Training”

  1. That is an awesome savings. I remember how much diapers cost back when my boys were in them. They add up fast.

  2. I wish these had been available when I had my first child! Am I telling my age! I would dream of potty training a child without Easy Ups!

  3. My kiddos were so good with potty training. I let them take the lead and all we really used were pull ups and a seat to go on the potty, and off they went. It’s great when they are ready and eager to get it done!

  4. I had all these things when I potty trained my daughter. I also did the regular underwear for a while besides my Pampers Easy Ups. That really helped.

  5. We had a few of these items when our son was potty training! I didn’t think about the flushable wipes that probably would’ve been a little bit more convenient and less messy than regular toilet paper

  6. I did not use little pottys when my daughter was potty training. Instead, we installed a toilet seat that has two lids – one for little bums. It worked really well.

  7. Looks like you know what you are doing – potty training I imagine can be a tedious time but looks like these products would help a lot of parents out!

  8. These are really good ones. It can be a challenging transition. Easy ups definitely made the process easier for us!

  9. Flushable wipes and Pull-Ups are definitely necessary when you’re potty training. It makes it so much easier on everyone!

  10. My sister said that without flushable wipes, it would have been a nightmare! Thanks for the great list!

  11. It’s been a lot of years since I potty trained our girls. These products really helpful. They didn’t have them back then.

  12. My kids used pampers cruisers, very great quality. We also love the easy ups

  13. These are great tips and products for potty training!! I will pass this post on to my friends with kids!!

  14. These are some awesome tips! I like the book idea. I hadn’t thought of that one before. =) I am thankful my son is well beyond potty training. =P

  15. Potty training is such a difficult time but amazing when they get in the habit of using the toilet. Having products like pull-ups makes things much easier.

  16. We have 6 more months before we attempt potty training. I hope it goes as easy the as the first time around with my oldest.

  17. Great tips! Our first child is due next month and I’m already nervous about potty training before she’s even here!

  18. Potty training was one of my biggest parenting struggles to date. I couldn’t agree more about flushable wipes. So amazing!

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