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Feb 082016

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Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has passed, I am completely focused on starting 2016 in the best possible way. I’ve always made my health and wellness a priority in my life. Heading to the gym a few times a week, making smart food choices & ensuring adequate nightly rest are all things I’ve prioritized throughout my life. And now that we are a few weeks into the New Year, I think it’s the perfect time to share some simple steps I’ve taken to start my year off in a healthy way! From making some fun DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets to incorporating some products from Nature’s Truth into my daily routine, I’m excited to show you what I’m doing to stay healthy this year!

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets & Promoting Optimal Rest

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets & Promoting Optimal Rest

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets & Promoting Optimal Rest

These lavender sleep sachets are a fabulous little project that can be put together in a matter of minutes. The pleasantly relaxing scent of lavender makes this a perfect sachet to leave by the bed on a little nightstand so you can enjoy the fragrance as you drift to sleep at night. You can also make a few of these sachets and place them inside drawers or closets to leave a wonderfully calming scent in these areas! When making these sachets, be sure to use Nature’s Truth Lavender Oil, which is a very popular essential oil.

I’ve always loved using essential oils, as they tend to have great cosmetic properties. I really love how the Nature’s Truth Lavender Oil is free of parabens and the oil is widely used throughout the world for its relaxing and comforting qualities.

Are you ready to see how these lavender sachets come together?

dried lavender flowers
15 drops of Nature’s Truth Lavender Oil
3 organza bags
purple ribbon
printable tags

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

1. Place the dried lavender flowers inside the little bags. Fill them about 2/3 of the way full. Sprinkle about 5 drops of Nature’s Truth Lavender Oil inside each bag.

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

2. Tie a purple ribbon around each bag.
DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

3. Download my set of printable tags for the Lavender Sachets by clicking on the below image or clicking here.


4. Cut out the little tags and attach them to the ribbons with a dot of glue.
DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

These little lavender sachets also make fabulous little gifts for birthdays, holidays, etc.
DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

These sleep sachets offer a very relaxing scent that helps to relax me. Speaking of proper rest, during a recent visit to Rite Aid, I picked up a bottle of Nature’s Truth Melatonin.
DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

Widely popular, Nature’s Truth Melatonin is a hormone that helps to regulate sleep cycles and the circadian rhythm.* When the levels of this hormone in our bodies are too low, sleep tends to be broken and restless! However, when taken as a supplement, Melatonin can help with occasional sleeplessness.* In promoting optimal rest & relaxation, Nature’s Truth® Melatonin 12 mg comes in gluten free, fast dissolving tabs for optimal absorption.* Please note: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Nature's Truth

Nature’s Truth

While I was at Rite Aid picking up the Melatonin, I also picked up a jar of the Nature’s Truth Turmeric.
Nature's Truth Turmeric and Melatonin

DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets

This is a spice commonly used in curries! Furthermore, it is a natural tonic that supports the immune system.* In fact, what makes this spice spectacular is it contains natural compounds known as curcuminoids, which have strong antioxidant properties.* Please note: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Nature's Truth Turmeric and Melatonin

Nature’s Truth Turmeric and Melatonin

If you’d like to try some of these Nature’s Truth products for yourself, be sure to take the Honestly Good Challenge! Buy Nature’s Truth products and try them for 30 days. The result will be that you’ll feel the difference that’s made with Nature’s Truth vitamins! And if you’re not completely satisfied, you can get your money back. Ready to start? Visit the HonestlyGoodChallenge site to sign up for discounts, prizes and more!

Keep up-to-date on latest products and promotions by following Nature’s Truth on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! You can find their products at Rite Aid, Walgreens, Amazon and! I found their products at my local Rite Aid store.

Finding Nature's Truth at Rite Aid

Finding Nature’s Truth at Rite Aid

Now, learn more about Nature’s Truth products here and tell me: which of their supplements would you like to incorporate into your health & wellness routine?

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19 Responses to “DIY Lavender Sleep Sachets & Promoting Optimal Rest”

  1. I have read a lot about turmeric lately… will have to look into that soon as I have a chance. Love your lavender sachets and I actually have a huge lavender bush in the garden which would be just perfect to make a couple of sachets for friends and family.

  2. Those sachets would make a nice gift for folks that like the lavender scent. I know someone that takes melatonin and says it helps her a lot.

  3. I would love to try the turmeric to help support my immune system. I never knew turmeric helped in that area. I’ll look for it the next time I’m out shopping.

  4. What a great idea. I know that lavender scent would have a calming effect on me. Those supplements sound helpful too.

  5. My daughter takes Melatonin to help her sleep better. I think I might make her a sash to help relax her better! Great post.

  6. This looks like a great option for certain. I think I would try just about anything to get some rest that lasts all night at this point!

  7. I totally love this idea, I like the lavender smell and I’m sure my friend need this.

  8. I love sachets but never thought to make my own. These would be a perfect gift for anyone! #client

  9. Probably the turmeric. I have recently read some things about it and some of the good things that it does for the body. It’s like a middle Eastern beauty secret.

  10. I am a huge lover of lavender so wouldnt mind getting those sachets, I struggle with sleep most nights but yet to venture into taking anything for it.

  11. After many years of not being able to sleep all night I finally gave in to buying an over the counter sleep product. My doctors are aware of this. I’d love to get off of them and be able to sleep without a sleep aid as I’ve been taking which is 50 mg. I hope the melatonin would help me sleep all night. A few years ago I was under so much stress was ready for nervous break down, not sleeping at all, so after all that time even my dr. suggested I try an over counter temporarily. Have been able to sleep pretty well most of time unless have something on my mind worrying me.
    Where do you get the lavender flowers to make the sachets? Lavender is grown in our area so perhaps could get the flowers for sachets at one of retailers. We have a Lavender festival in Palisade every year but know there are lavender farmers selling their products closer to us.I just can’t be paying for shipping and handling, too many other costs.
    Glad I read your post, would like to change my sleeping habits more naturally. Also would like to help my immune system. Happy week

    • EngineerMommy

      Thanks for your comment! I found the dried lavender buds from the bulk health food section of a large supermarket. Hope you can find some near you! I’m sorry to hear about your sleep issues. Best of luck to you in finding a solution that works for you!

  12. Great idea for a good night sleep. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. These are great idea for sleep and antitoxins as well. I would love to do the DIY lavender sleep sachets and give them as gifts. Since my mom had her massive heart attack and than a small one last week, we all have been having trouble sleeping. These sachets will let us all relax including our mom. Thanks for the idea.

  14. Oh how I LOVE these. I love lavender so I would love to make some of these. I got a few from a wedding once and they were my fave.

  15. This looks like a great Idea!! These would be a perfect gift for my some of my friends!!

  16. I love lavender scent, we use lavender essential oil to calm down our stressed-out dog. It definitely works!

  17. What a wonderful idea. I believe we all need the proper rest and these DIY sachets would be very helpful for me right now.

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