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Jun 222016

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Getting enough rest as the mother of a newborn can definitely be challenging. I remember plenty of restless nights back then. However, when you follow some smart guidelines to encourage baby to sleep, you can minimize those sleepless nights. From scheduling an evening bath to using Pampers diapers, here are some easy tips to encourage a restful night’s sleep for baby- and everyone else!

Tips for a Restful Night for Baby

5 Tips for a Restful Night for Baby

5 Tips for a Restful Night for Baby

  • Play energetic games with baby during the day, but calming, quiet activities in the evening.
  • Keep the routine the same every night so baby knows what to expect.
  • Establish a bath time before bedtime- it often calms down baby.
  • Keep the environment in baby’s room comfortable. Cool and dark often work well to encourage sleep.
  • Make sure baby is dry and comfortable throughout the night. Pampers diapers are fabulous, because they provide excellent overnight protection that keeps baby content. If baby can enjoy a restful night, then baby can achieve her dreams.

Since the big dreams of babies require a restful night’s sleep, Pampers products are designed to let little one sleep soundly throughout the night. And when baby can sleep soundly through the night, then mom and dad can have a restful night, as well.
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Now, learn more about how Pampers can help keep your baby comfortable through the night and tell me: How have you encouraged baby to sleep through the night? Why do you love Pampers for your child?

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50 Responses to “5 Tips for a Restful Night for Baby”

  1. Following a nightly routine is so important to help babies sleep at night. These are all great tips. Great giveaway too!

  2. We will definitely be putting your tips for baby bedtime routine to use. We are expecting our first grandchild in September.

  3. I try to protect my baby from allergies by using unscented wipes.

  4. I love Pampers diapers because they keep my daughter dry all night and this is an awesome giveaway

  5. I like to give a nice warm bath before bed fro a better nights sleep.

  6. My tip is to keep you child inside during peak pollen times.

  7. Only parents can recognize the awesomeness of a baby sleeping through the night. Any tip to get that happening is a worthy tip.

  8. Routine is so important for babies! I always gave my babies a bath before bed with some of the soothing baby wash that smells like lavender.

  9. My husband had bedtime mastered. He always read to them until they were just about to fall asleep and then he would leave the room. That way they would calm down and learn to fall asleep on their own.

  10. I love Pampers because they are comfortable fitting diapers that are very absorbent! I get baby to sleep at night by giving them a relaxing bath before bed & making sure they have a full belly!

  11. These are such amazing tips. I didn’t do a schedule and bedtime routine with my oldest and I really struggled with him but my little guy did so much better once I learned that a routine was needed. He’s been sleeping through the night since he was 6 months old and it’s been such a great thing for me!

  12. This is helpful! Once you establish that sleep schedule, things become a little bit easier.

  13. I like the quality of pampers diapers. I read a story before bedtime.

  14. Pampers are our favorite brand – we have been using them for all 3 of our kiddos! 🙂 They are the only ones that don’t leak! We tried every brand. Definitely Pampers fans here 🙂 And these are also great tips for bedtime with a baby! Our youngest is 4 months old and we have used a lot of these!

  15. I love Pampers as they don’t leak. Getting my daughter to sleep at night has been a challenge. She recently started sleeping with her stuffed animal and it has been an amazing change. She no longer wakes up at night like she used to.

  16. These are wonderful tips for a restful night for baby. I haven’t had a baby in nearly 8 years or so but I remember those days!

  17. These sound like great tips for parents of babies, thanks for sharing!

  18. Routines are so important for babies and little kids. I use to always do bath time right before bed. That always worked well for us.

  19. These are such great tips! I don’t have kiddos yet but I need to show this to my SIL!

  20. I love pampers because they are absorbent and durable! I get my son to sleep by singing!

  21. Oh how I remember these nights. These are great tips for parents with restless sleeping babies. This is indeed an awesome giveaway for any parent. I will have to share this with my sister and nieces for their little one.

  22. I have always found routine and schedule is super important with kids of any and all ages. These are all wonderful tips!

  23. I like Pampers because they are so soft and absorbent.

  24. I don’t have kids but these seem like great tips for future use!! Great post!!

  25. What I love most about pampers, is that we do not have leaks in them! Before bedtime, I always read stories! Storytime is one of my favorite times of the day!

  26. When baby gets a good nights sleep, so do the parents and anyone else in the house, lol. These are helpful tips, especially for new parents.

  27. I love Pampers because they don’t leak. I am lucky that my baby sleeps all night

  28. I love Pampers because they are absorbent. I like to use light blocking curtains..

  29. These are really great tips! This giveaway sounds really awesome too. Hope I win.

  30. I love them because they keep my baby dry and she sleeps all night.

  31. Keep baby to a sleeping routine and have a quiet time.
    Pampers is a family fav. for their usefulness and
    dependable product.

  32. I like Pampers diapers because they are more cloth like than other brands of diapers. I also like how well they fit. My son will only sleep if the room is completely dark.

  33. I like Pampers diapers because they fit well and they hold a lot of urine. JJ sleeps best when he gets his routine. Bath, massage, story,and a bottle.

  34. I love papers because they have great absorbency, I use the for newborn phase, then I use cloth

  35. These are all excellent tips! I don’t have a baby yet, but I’ll have to keep this in mind to maximize sleep time. They all definitely make good sense.

  36. I love Pampers diapers because they are so soft. I get my daughters asleep by establishing a bedtime routine and sticking to it every night.

  37. I like Pampers because they offer the sensitive skin options! And we are still working on a routine with our one month old

  38. Pampers make life easier

  39. They provide great leak protection. I sing.

  40. I love Pampers because they are super soft! I get my 15 month old to sleep at night by singing her her bedtime songs which is part of her bedtime routine.

  41. My daughter is great with going to bed. I just lay her in her crib and she goes right to sleep. Rarely ever any fussiness. And I love Pampers because from my experience, they are the are the best quality diapers we’ve tried and we’ve just been using them since day 1. Thanks so much for the chance!

  42. A bedtime routine is the best way to get my littles to sleep. I love pampers because they keep my baby dry and they are soft against his skin.

  43. I love Pampers because they are durable, and fit my 14 month old great. We use a sound machine to help him sleep, because he’s a very light sleeper.

  44. Well, with our first we held her! She was a cuddle bug to fall asleep and then we’d put her in her bed. With the baby on the way I don’t know! But I sure did love the cuddling!

  45. I love pampers because they work the best!! I get baby to sleep with a bath and story time.

  46. I love Pampers because they are the one diaper that my son doesn’t leak through. I get my son to sleep by using a white noise machine.

  47. I love Pampers because they keep baby dry. I get baby to sleep by putting on soft music with waves, etc.

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