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Oct 062015

Last week, I found myself in a bit of a predicament! It was a pretty rainy Tuesday night and I was getting ready to bake a yummy strawberry cheesecake for my mom’s group. The group was supposed to meet the next morning and I was in charge of baking this cheesecake. Well, on Tuesday evening, when I reached into the cabinet to grab the sugar, I was surprised to find that the container felt kinda light to me! No, I cannot be out of sugar. I need to make this tonight! Lo and behold, it turns out the canister was basically empty. Meanwhile, there were torrential rains outside and it was almost time for Charlotte’s bedtime. I could not take these kids out at this hour to pick up sugar from the store. So I did what any reasonable person would do in this situation! I knocked on my neighbor’s door and asked her for sugar! Thankfully, she had plenty and I was able to bake my cheesecake that night! Whew!

Although running out of sugar when you need to bake a cake is very frustrating, it’s totally acceptable to ask a neighbor for sugar! You know what’s one thing that’s not really acceptable to ask a neighbor for? Toilet paper! Ha! Thankfully, I will never find myself out of toilet paper, thanks to the new Scott® 1100 pack from Sam’s Club®! #get100extra

What You Don’t Want to Run Out of

The Scott® 1100 pack is available online and in select clubs! I found mine in the aisle with all the paper goods.

What I love about the Scott® 1100 is that there are 100 extra sheets per roll! And with 36 rolls per pack, you can be sure you’re getting long-lasting value! It’s like getting 3 extra rolls- isn’t that fabulous?! And of course, the quality of the toilet paper is very high, just like what you’d expect from Scott® products! Oh, and if you have a septic system, fear not- this toilet paper is completely safe for septic systems!
Scott 1100

Scott® 1100

Check out this video to learn more!

I am a recent member of Sam’s Club®, and I have to say that I am loving my membership! We love going there and buying items in bulk! We have found that the membership fee more than paid for itself within a few weeks of shopping there! By buying things in bulk, we are saving so much money every month. Also, everything is so easy to find at Sam’s Club® and the employees are always so friendly & helpful!
Sam's Club® Membership

Sam’s Club® Membership

Before you head over to Sam’s Club®, be sure to download the FREE Ibotta app to earn $5 off Scott® 1000 Bonus Pack at Sam’s Club®! It’s so simple to do:

  • Find Sam’s Club® under Grocery!
  • Find Scott® 1000 offer.
  • Unlock the rebate!
  • Purchase the product at Sam’s Club®.
  • Scan your receipt and upload to the app.
  • Earn $5! Easy peasy!

Now, tell me in the Comments below: what is one thing you don’t want to ever run out of??

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22 Responses to “What You Don’t Want to Run Out of”

  1. I definitely would not want to run out of toilet paper! It’s good that you were able to pop over to Sam’s and get a large pack of rolls 😀

  2. Speaking of toilet tissue…I have one roll left and I have been meaning to get to a store asap. I use to have a sams card just to buy the bulk items so I never run out and now I run out constantly

  3. I overbuy toilet paper whenever we get within half a dozen rolls. With three girls in the house it goes pretty quickly around here! It is definitely a must have item in the house and a big problem if you run out!

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, I totally agree that it’s a big problem if we ever run out of toilet paper! Thanks for visiting, Jaime!

  4. I ran out of gas a total of 3 times. Twice with kids in the car. My husband does not like that he had to come rescue me on each of these occasions but I am sure glad I can depend on him. I think it has been 6 years since the last time so maybe that’s what it took… three’s a charm? It sounds like this is a good thing to have around so there’s less chance of running out of T.P. haha!

  5. I don’t want to run out of Branston Pickle, yellow mustard, or Boots No. 7 skincare products. The selection of everything in Denmark is pretty limited, so I have to stock up on things when I’m abroad. Running out of them isn’t easily remedied by running to the store, so I really have to keep a close eye on supplies.

    • EngineerMommy

      Ooh, I love Boots No. 7 skincare products!! It’s good you can monitor your supplies so you don’t run out!
      Thanks for visiting, Sage!!

  6. Running out of toilet paper is a nightmare! I would never want to be in that situation. Running out of sugar, at least you could replace it with another ingredient or as a neighbor. I couldn’t imagine the scene where you would have to ask a neighbor for toilet paper. lol

    • EngineerMommy

      Haha, thankfully, I never had to deal with asking a neighbor for toilet paper lol! But it sure does make for a funny visual!
      Thanks for stopping by, Melissa!

  7. I would hate to run out of toilet paper. I always make sure to stock up so I never run out. I actually always make sure I have at least two packs in the house and no less. We go through it quickly with my husband and I and our two daughters.

    • EngineerMommy

      That’s a good habit: making sure to never have less than 2 packs in the house! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting, Kathy!

  8. I love Scott tissue and has always been my toilet paper of choice because it is so long lasting. I miss having a Sam’s Club membership. Thank you for posting about this rebate offer as running out of toilet paper is not something I ever want to do 🙂

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes, I’m finding that my Sam’s Club membership is so useful for stuff like toilet paper! I can get a great deal there on Scott toilet paper!
      Thanks for stopping by, Michelle!

  9. Haha! I definitely don’t want to be running out of toilet paper. Luckily my walmart always has this one brand on for a super good price. But to go along with that, my husband scans the QR code on the walmart receipt (it’s an app!), to get cash back if the price goes any lower from any other store in the city! Isn’t that awesome?

    I’m reading Joann’s comment above – omg I have neveeeeeeeeerrr ran out of gas (because I’m super duper scared of it – and always need to fill up the car when it’s on 1/4 tank). My husband often leaves my car without gas and the gas light turns on… I seriously panic lol.

    • EngineerMommy

      Haha, I’m the same way with gas. I never like it to go below 1/2 tank lol! When it does, I run to the gas station to fill up! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting, Nancy, and have a fabulous day!!

  10. I do love Sam’s Club. And the deal for Scott’s is a lifesaver. It’s true that the one thing you don’t want to run out of is toilet paper. Especially in my house of 5 people.

    • EngineerMommy

      Running out of toilet paper is not a good thing. I’m happy we never ran out of that!!! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, Carin!

  11. You are absolutely right! Running out of toilet paper would be terrible! I don’t think I would ask my neighbor though, LOL. Toilet paper is something I get EVERY time I go shopping, just in case!

    • EngineerMommy

      I could never ask my neighbor for toilet paper either lol! That’s why we buy that in bulk from Sam’s Club!

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