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Nov 242015

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Throughout my life, I’ve been focused on my health and fitness. Back when I was in high school & college, I used to play sports. I was on the tennis team for many years and I used to play basketball with my friends on the weekends. Now with two young kids at home, I don’t really have the same amount of time to play sports regularly! However, I still try to stay fit by being active! I typically hit the gym a few days a week and I usually meet a friend there for a group aerobics class! This friend has just recently embarked on a mission to improve her fitness level and I’m always striving to maintain my fitness level. So we definitely keep each other accountable with our fitness goals! Since she was feeling a little unmotivated last week, I decided to prepare for her a little Fitness Motivation Basket! I filled this little gift basket with a few essential items that I think are key to staying fit, along with the delicious goodnessknows® snack squares! These snack squares, which are a tasty combination of real fruit, dark chocolate and whole nuts, are a perfect reminder to her (and myself) that we need to stop and enjoy the little things in life!

I’ve always believed that simple changes can make a big impact in my overall fitness level. In addition to going to the gym a few days a week, I try to bring the kids to the park for a few hours every couple of days. I get to run around with them and they have fun playing… it’s a win-win! Also, I try to park farther from stores, so I’m forced to walk more everyday. Furthermore, I try to make smart food choices, especially when eating outside. These are some simple ways that I’ve found to make a positive impact in my health. And so to show my friend that simple changes can make a positive impact in her health, I made her this Fitness Motivation Basket!

Here’s a peek at the basket I gave her!

Fitness Motivation Basket

Fitness Motivation Basket

How did my Fitness Motivation Basket come together? Well, last weekend, I was in Sam’s Club to pick up some household essentials and they were sampling some of these goodnessknows® snack squares!

Demo at Sam's Club

Demo at Sam’s Club

So I decided to try one of these snack squares and I was impressed! They are a delectable combination of real fruit, dark chocolate and whole nuts! And these little squares come in adorable bite-size portions so they’re totally convenient while on-the-go! I also love that they are free of artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and they’re only 150 calories! I just knew that my workout buddy would love these snacks and I needed to include them in my basket! These snack squares are a delicious reminder to enjoy the little things in life!
goodnessknows® snack squares

goodnessknows® snack squares

These snack squares definitely elevate my basket from “goodness to greatness”! Each of the packs contains 4 delicious snack squares that are made with tangy sweet cranberries, roasted almonds, and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate comes from hand-selected cocoa beans, which are processed in such a way that more of the phytonutrients are retained in the final product! The goodness of cocoa is celebrated in every bite!
goodnessknows® snack squares

goodnessknows® snack squares

Even though our lives are very busy nowadays, it’s important to take time and enjoy the good things in life. And these yummy goodnessknows® snack squares definitely make any day extraordinary!
goodnessknows® snack squares

goodnessknows® snack squares

To prepare my gift basket, all I had to do was gather a little bucket, my goodnessknows® snack squares and a few other fitness-focused items! Here’s the full list:

Supplies for a Fitness Motivation Basket:
small bucket
goodnessknows® Snack Squares Cranberry, Almond, Dark Chocolate
water bottle (to encourage proper hydration)
pedometer (to encourage more walking)
athletic socks (to encourage more exercise)
sleep mask (to encourage adequate sleep)
cellophane, ribbon and twine
hole punch
printable gift tag

Supplies for Fitness Motivation Basket

Supplies for Fitness Motivation Basket

1. Wrap the water bottle with the water bottle printable in the Basket Printables PDF.

Wrapped Water Bottle

Wrapped Water Bottle

2. Place some tissue paper at the bottom of the bucket so that all the supplies will sit nicely on top.
Tissue Paper in Bucket

Tissue Paper in Bucket

3. Place the items inside the bucket.
Fitness Motivation Basket

Fitness Motivation Basket

4. Wrap with some cellophane! Tie with a piece of twine!
Fitness Motivation Basket

Fitness Motivation Basket

5. Add some pretty blue ribbon! Use a hole punch to make a small hole in the printable gift tag and attach to the basket.
Printable Tag

Printable Tag

Fitness Motivation Basket

Fitness Motivation Basket

Before you head to Sam’s Club to look for the goodnessknows® snack squares, be sure to use this coupon here to save some money! The flavor that I tried (and loved) is the goodnessknows® Cranberry, Almond & Dark Chocolate. I found mine toward the front of the store in a center aisle.

Finding goodnessknows® snack squares at Sam's Club

Finding goodnessknows® snack squares at Sam’s Club

And if you’d like to sample of the goodnessknows® snack squares, be sure to check your local Sam’s Club for an in-store demo coming up on December 5th and December 12th!

Now, learn more about how goodnessknows® helps you go from goodness to greatness, and tell me: which is your favorite flavor?

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23 Responses to “Fitness Motivation Basket”

  1. I was just at Sam’s club, I’ll look for these next time. They look very affordable and good for you.

  2. These snacks look absolutely delicious, I think have seen them in stores near me. I too believe simple changes can make greater impact on our health

  3. This is an awesome gift! Going to make one for my best friend.

  4. A fitness basket is such a great idea. It’s so nice that you and your friend hold each other accountable and encourage each other to stay fit and healthy.

  5. My friend, who lives in the States rants and raves abut Sam’s Club! It’s like a Costco, isn’t it?!

    • EngineerMommy

      Sam’s Club is a fabulous wholesale club, where you can purchase all of your household essentials in bulk at great values! We love Sam’s Club!

  6. I feel it’s a necessity to have simple, nutritious snacks I can just grab and eat. The thoughtfulness of the basket is great.

  7. What a neat idea for any friend. I keep seeing commercials about those bars and they look so good.

  8. what a nice idea!!! i love that. people put together baskets for everything so why not fitness too?!?!

  9. Getting fit and staying in shape can be tough. So, it is wonderful to know that you have someone to support you. The fitness basket is really a great idea.

  10. I LOVE the idea of a Fitness Motivation Basket! My mom and I have been on a mission to live healthier lifestyles this year and this would make an awesome gift <3

  11. What a great gift ideas. I want to give this to my high school friends

  12. I love going to Sam’s Club. I’ve never thought to put together a fitness basket from there but it’s a super idea.

  13. I go to Sam’s Club all the time but I haven’t seen these bars there before. I’ll have to keep a lookout for them the next time I go.

  14. This is such a cool and unique gift basket, love the creativity! Those bars look so yummy!

  15. I love this fitness motivation gift basket. These Goodnessknows Bars I have been seeing around everywhere lately. I have yet to try them but they would be great in a a fitness motivation basket for sure. Water is truly for anyone and it is so important to stay hydrated.

  16. Not just for the purpose of motivation – it makes me feel as if it can remind us each time to be healthy and go for something that is healthy – reminding us to hydrate ourselves which is awesome.

  17. My husband just loves these bars. I send them in his lunch for a snack later in the day. This gift basket idea is so great!

  18. What a cute gift idea for the fitness fanatic in your life. Those bars look good!

  19. What an awesome gift basket! I know a few fit fanatics that would love this!

  20. I haven’t heard about those bars but they look super tasty. And great idea to make a motivation basket. Such a great idea!

  21. What a great gift for a friend! I love the printable tag! (client)

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