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Jan 022015

Yesterday’s post of the Best Recipes of 2014 was such a hit, so I wanted to share with you all today the Best DIY Projects of 2014. These are the most popular DIY craft & home decor projects from last year! I hope you check them out, and I hope you love them as much as we do around here!

{BEST OF 2014} DIY Projects

DIY Bathtub Shelf: Such an easy project and it really makes bath time so much more fun! Perfect for setting a drink or a book or even a snack, this easy DIY Bathtub Shelf is sure to become a practical and useful part of your bathroom decor!
Transfer Photos to Canvas: It is surprisingly easy to recreate the look of canvas photos at home. Buying canvas prints at the store can be quite pricey, but using a sheet of tissue paper and a basic canvas board from the craft store, you could easily recreate the same look for much, much less!
DIY Dollar Store Mirror: Yes, dollar store mirrors can be small and cheapo-looking! But if you group them into a collection of four mirrors (or more!), you could easily get a much more expensive look! Check out this easy how-to for the step-by-step directions.
Stuffed Animal Storage: With two young kids at home, my home sometimes feels like it’s overrun with stuffed animals. However, I finally got control of the stuffed animal clutter with this easy DIY Stuffed Animal Storage solution. So simple and so effective! And it looks cute, too!
DIY Decorative Triangle Shelves: Making these DIY triangle shelves was one of my first attempts at serious woodworking. And I loved it so much. I think it came out beautifully. By the way, geometric shaped shelves are so popular right now!
DIY Homemade Felt Cookies: Instead of buying play food for your kids, you can make it instead! I made these adorable felt cookies using only felt sheets and some needle & thread. So sweet! Easy to customize, too!

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