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Nov 162015

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We absolutely love our current neighborhood for many reasons. It’s quiet, we have a big backyard for the kids and there are so many seasonal family-friendly activities every weekend. The one thing we don’t love about living in our current location is that we are about an hour away from my parents (and so many other extended family members). What this means is that during this time of year (between all the gatherings of the holiday season), we wind up doing quite a few trips to visit the relatives. Although I don’t mind an hour-long car ride myself, my kids are certainly not fans of spending long stretches of time strapped in the car seat. So over the years, I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to dealing with everything from boredom to car sickness. From an effective homeopathic formula that effectively treats car sickness (Nauzene Kidsto fun activity sets for the kids, here are my tips for successful, stress-free traveling with the kids during the holiday season.

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

1. Pack Snacks & Drinks
Hungry kids can easily become cranky kids, so I always stave off hunger by packing some snacks & drinks with me. I always carry bags with their favorite nonperishable snacks in the diaper bag. Our usual go-to snacks include crackers, dried fruits, cereal bars and fresh fruit.

2. Bring Activity Sets
In order to prevent boredom during long car rides and to keep little hands busy, I usually take a bag of toys with me. In this bag, I’ll keep a small coloring book & crayons (for each kid), some handheld electronic toys and even some play dough. These are great distractions for the kids when the car ride is making them feel antsy!

3. Leave Early
Whenever possible, I always try to leave early. The benefits of doing so is twofold: I can avoid traffic and also avoid traveling during nap time (when the kids are more likely to get cranky).

4. Take Breaks If Necessary
I don’t necessarily take breaks if the total trip time is less than 45 minutes, but if we hit some bad traffic or we plan to be in the car for over an hour, we always take breaks. We find a rest area (or just any restaurant / diner) along the way and let everyone walk around and stretch their legs.

5. Treat Motion Sickness with Nauzene® Kids
I recently figured out that sometimes when my kids are acting up in the car, it is actually car sickness that is making them feel uncomfortable. Luckily, there’s a great solution for this: pediatrician-recommended Nauzene Kids! It’s an effective formula that promptly relieves nausea in kids 2 & up.

Nauzene Kids Liquid

Nauzene Kids Liquid

I love that Nauzene® helps to relieve my kids’ nausea from car sickness and makes our trips to visit the grandparents so much more comfortable for them (and us as well!) What I appreciate about Nauzene® is that unlike other popular nausea treatments on the market, it is free of salicylates! The formula also does not include any parabens, artificial colors, artificial flavors, aspirin, and gluten. Furthermore, the delicious natural-grape flavor means that giving them this treatment will not be a battle. I love it when my kids are comfortable enough to just enjoy a trip and look at the pretty scenery through the window.

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

In addition to treating nausea from motion sickness, Nauzene® is actually the only children’s product that’s specifically indicated to relieve nausea from the “stomach flu”. As the weather gets colder and we get deeper into Fall & Winter, I know we’ll be dealing with upset tummies more often, so I love that Nauzene® is a gentle homeopathic formula that effectively makes those tummies (in children 2 years and older) feel better!

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays

I plan on keeping Nauzene Kids around the house not just for the kids, but for us adults, too! Did the husband wind up eating a little too much at dinner and now feels some nausea? Are you dealing with the dreaded “stomach flu” and want an effective homeopathic solution? Nauzene® can help! One bottle can work for everyone in the family. Like with everything in your medicine cabinet, please make sure to read and follow all label instructions before using Nauzene®.


If you’d like to add some Nauzene® Kids to your medicine cabinet, you can pick some up at CVS, HEB, Meijer, and many other retailers nationwide. Find a retailer near you by visiting their website! Oh and before you head to the store, be sure to use the $3 OFF coupon that you can find at the NauzeneKids.com website.

Now, learn more about Nauzene Kids here and let me know in the Comments below: What’s your favorite tip for successful car rides with kids?! By leaving a comment, you will be entered in a contest, in which 1 lucky reader will win a Nauzene® Kids care package.

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26 Responses to “5 Tips for Traveling with Kids During the Holidays”

  1. We live six hours away from my parents and I remember all those trips during the holidays when the kids were small. Our middle daughter would just about always get nauseated during the trip. I sure wish Nauzene would have been around back in those days. Sounds like a really great product.

  2. I remember long road trips. We live 2 days from my parents home and 11 hours driving each day got old very fast for my daughter.

  3. These are all great tips! We started traveling when our kids were really young!

  4. great tips! Definitely make sure the kids have activities and lots of snacks. Lots of breaks at the rest stops so they can stretch their legs too!

  5. These are amazing tips! My sons gets super car sick so I have to remember this!

  6. I can not even begin to imagine what its like to travel for an hour plus with kids but I myself love road trips lol.

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes I love road trips too. But the kids are not big fans of car travel. Nauzene definitely is handy to have on hand!

  7. I hadn’t even thought about something for nausea! Sometimes, when they are little, they don’t know how to relay the message of being car sick, but this is definitely something to keep on hand. Great tip!

    • EngineerMommy

      Yes it’s totally something that they can’t articulate (when they’re young) so it’s something we have to be prepared for ahead of time!

  8. Great tips! We won’t be traveling this holiday season but I know quite a few families that will be so I’ll share with them for sure!

  9. I could use this with my younger daughter. She gets terribly car sick while we travel.

  10. This is the first time I’ve heard of Nauzene, I’ll have to look for this when we travel again. I always wondered about what you give a kid because most of the motion-sickness drugs are for adults only.

  11. I don’t have kids but these are excellent tips. Whenever I take long trips during the holidays, taking breaks always helps!

  12. These are great tips that I need with my upcoming road trip with my kids. Keeping them busy always helps.

  13. Yes awesome tips! Traveling with kids is so much work!

  14. Great ideas. I think mine are fine as long as their electronics stay charged. I have found that when we travel in my small car they are more whiny but if we get a van or a truck and have the room they seem to do much better.

  15. Traveling with kids can be exhausting. Especially during the holidays! Thanks for the great tips! My kids are getting a little older now which makes traveling a little bit easier.

  16. I get nauseated when I try to read or look away from the windows at all when I’m riding in a car, so I’ve wondered if this is something my kids may struggle with at some point. Thanks for the recommendation… I will definitely keep Nauzene in mind.

  17. These are great tips for traveling with kids. My kids are grown now but I had to learn the hard way that it can be tough to travel long distance with them.

  18. We travel often for dance competitions and my daughter is always complaining about motion sickness. It’s hard for her to travel 1 – 2 hours than perform! I am definitely going to look more into Nauzene!

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