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Jun 222014

Sophia’s third birthday party was a few weeks ago, and I’ve been wanting to share with you all how I created an under-the-sea birthday party theme, complete with bubble balloons, crepe paper seaweed / coral, blue fish, shells, sand and more. It was truly a spectacular day with all kinds of mermaid / under-the-sea party elements that I’m sure she’ll look back at this day with so much fondness!

Under the sea birthday party theme

Under the sea birthday party theme

Under the sea birthday party theme

I wanted the table to be the feature of the party, complete with various under-the-sea elements. Here are the various components of the party and how they were put together!

Crepe paper seaweed / coral

  • I simply used long strips of crepe paper / paper streamers. I taped one end to the wall and then twisted the crepe paper and affixed the other side of the strip to the wall with tape. For a seaweed look, use green streamers. For a coral look, use blue or pink (or almost any color) streamers.

Swimming fish

  • I found a bag at the Dollar Tree of about 30 pre-cut blue fish shapes. It was in the teacher’s supplies / stationary section. I simply used double-sided tape to adhere the fish to the wall. I tried to place the fish mostly randomly, but also strategically to conceal the tops of the paper streamers.
Under the sea birthday tablescape

Under the sea birthday tablescape


  • I scattered shells (also from the Dollar Tree) all over the table. Instead of mixing them homogeneously throughout the table, I grouped them in small groups of 3 or shells and placed those in various spots across the table.

Sand & Candle

  • I placed a plain white candle (UNSCENTED) in a bowl full of sand on the table. The sand brings a beach-y vibe to the table.

Bubble Balloons

  • After blowing up blue balloons, I taped them to the wall in rows along the edges of the table. The goal is to mimic bubbles under the sea. I used heavy-duty tape to adhere the bottoms of the balloons to the wall, so all that is seen from the front is a smooth, blue balloon.

Hanging jellyfish

    • This idea was found from Pinterest and consists of a brightly-colored paper lantern (that is NOT completely stretched open) and several strips of coordinating paper streamers. Together, these elements look like a jellyfish – so cute! Sophia couldn’t wait to play with her jellyfish once the party was over.
couldn’t wait to play with her jellyfish
Hanging jellyfish: paper lantern and paper streamers

Hanging jellyfish: paper lantern and paper streamers

Starfish cupcakes

  • I made mini cupcakes, frosted them with white frosting and topped them with blue pearlescent candies. I placed them on a starfish platter that I’ve had for years- it’s very similar to this one. It really made the theme come together during the dessert round!
Blue cupcakes in starfish platter

Blue cupcakes in starfish platter

Mermaid outfit

  • For the mermaid outfit, Sophia simply wore a big, silvery blue tutu like this one, a plain white tank top and a big beaded necklace like this one. I also made a little shell hairclip for her, simply by hot gluing a hair clip to the back of a seashell. She looked like an adorable little mermaid!

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