Repurposing old greeting cards- what to do with old greeting cards
Mar 302012

If you receive many greeting cards throughout the year, but are at a loss when it comes to what to do with them, then here are some really great ideas! These ideas will keep your greeting cards doing double duty for you. Who doesn’t love repurposing!

I currently have an old shoebox full of greeting cards. Some I will still keep in there to save for future memories. Others I will dedicate to these cool repurposing projects.

What to do with old greeting cards: Repurposing ideas

  1. Use old greeting cards and a decorative punch to make a recycled new greeting card– home sweet homemade
  2. Make adorable little gift boxes using old greeting cards- sweet P quilting and creations
  3. Use old greeting cards to make amazingly cute gift tags– real simple
  4. Save your place in your favorite book with these pretty bookmarks– family fun

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2 Responses to “What to do with old greeting cards: repurposing ideas”

  1. These ideas are really worth considerable, i have lots of old greeting card, and they are in a box now, i don’t have any idea what to with them. Just want to say thanks for sharing this idea, i will make gift box from them.

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