Easter decorations, crafts and projects- DIY /* ]]> */
Feb 162012

Starting to plan some crafty projects for Easter? I have collected six of the coolest, most adorable DIY Easter crafts. From Easter egg bunting to crocheted Easter eggs, this compilation has a bunch of ideas to inspire the crafter inside you.

Easter decorations, crafts and projects- DIY

  1. Decorate with these stunning flower eggs– Pizzazzerie
  2. Upcycle fabric scraps to make this egg bunting– Flax and twine
  3. Hang these adorable tufted birds– What no mints
  4. Use leftover paint chips to make this Easter garland– Modern parents messy kids
  5. Impress your guests with these gorgeous Easter egg finials– Stay at home artist
  6. Try your hand at these cozy mini crochet eggsРCraft passion

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