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Feb 252012

Want to craft a neat Easter wreath, but have no idea where to start? Here are some of my favorite DIY Easter wreaths floating around the web. From pastel eggs to natural moss, these ideas run the gamut and are sure to inspire you!

DIY Easter wreaths galore

  1. Try this organic wreath if you’re not a fan of traditional Easter colors- The art of doing stuff
  2. Enjoy a bright pop of color with this yellow Peep wreath– Design editor
  3. Use up old yarn in pastel colors with this gorgeous yarn egg wreathРThe sweet survival
  4. Try your hand at this unique ribbon wreath– She’s kinda crafty
  5. Update a basic wreath to this amazing carrot & bunting wreath– Two Junk Chix
  6. Score this cute pastel egg wreath by picking up supplies from the dollar store- Roundabout

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  1. What is the wreath make out of. I tried tried the branch kind and it didn’t work too well, Do they make a flat wreath. I am wanted to make the yellow chicken wreath. Thanks,

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