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Oct 302012

This is the third post in a series of posts about various ways to repurpose items in your home. This post centers on repurposing ideas in the bedroom. From re-using ice cube trays to re-purposing bread tags, this post has tons of ideas on how to reuse items in your bedroom to make your space more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable. Check this list out for some great ideas!

14 repurposing ideas in the bedroom- Repurposing 101 series

  1. Before you throw away that old sweater or old scarf, cut out large pieces of fabric and add it to your craft storage. Don’t forget to save pretty buttons and trim for your craft projects.
  2. Take an old ice cube tray and use it to sort your jewelry items. You can separate your pieces by category: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on.
  3. If your pant hem has come undone, use a paper clip to hold it in place until you get home and can secure a more permanent solution.
  4. If you have an old medicine cabinet that you no longer need in the bathroom, install it in the wall of your bedroom or large dressing closet. It will now serve as your vanity. You can store all your makeup products inside and use the mirror on the front for easy application.
  5. Use a pair of shower curtains as a window dressing for big windows. Shower curtains come in so many different colors, styles and finishes – you will likely find a set that is complementary to your décor.
  6. Use sandpaper to depill knitwear and sweaters.
  7. Install a wall-mounted soap dish next to your bedside to store your earrings and wedding rings – you can place them there before bedtime each night and pick them up in the morning.
  8. Save bread tags once you are done with the bread. Use a tag to keep your right sock and left sock together so you never lose socks again.
  9. If you receive a huge bouquet of flowers, use an ice bucket to hold large arrangements of flowers.
  10. You can use old wooden wine crates as wall-mounted display cases. Paper the interiors of the crates with pretty scrapbook/craft paper, hang the crates on the wall, and place some books, candles or décor inside.
  11. If you find an old card catalog, use it in your closet to sort and store your shoes. The smaller drawers are perfect for flip flops, while the larger drawers will hold bulkier pumps. Post a picture of the shoes on the label on the front of each drawer.
  12. Take an old drum shells, add some padding and pretty fabric to a round lid of the same diameter, and you now have an attractive circular ottoman with storage.
  13. Use a wine cork as an earring holder- just stick your earrings into it and pop the cork into a bedside drawer.
  14. If your sweater is pilling badly, grab the pumice stone from your pedicure set and rub it along the fabric to depill it.

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